What Stardew Valley Fishing Secrets Can You Use to Boost your Farm?

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Whether you're using a basic bamboo pole or a stylish iridum rod with customized bait and tackle from Willy's Fish Shop, Stardew Valley offers a rich environment for aspiring anglers to boost their trophy cases and their treasure troves with an exciting day of fishing, and there are a few Stardew Valley fishing secrets that can optimize your day on the lake (or the ocean) to maximize time, energy, and profits.

The first thing you must know is that fishing in the game is season, location, and time dependent. You can't expect to catch the same fish at 7 am on the river in July as you would at midnight in the ocean in November. Different fish also appear during different weather conditions. The rain will bring out catfish in the rivers, for example.

The most common fish in the river are bream and chub. They're available all seasons, and they're easy to catch. These fish are also the cheapest, fetching a modest 45 and 50 gold pieces each at the market, respectively. The lingcod fish, on the other hand, is very hard to catch and available only in winter, but it can be worth anywhere from 120 to 180 gold pieces. Therefore, when you snag a tough fish on the line, remember that it's probably much more valuable than a typical catch, so hold on tight! The more valuable the fish, the more specific the circumstances have to be for it to appear. The puffer fish, for example, can be caught only in a four hour window during a sunny summer day out on the ocean, and they're worth between 200 and 300 gold pieces.

The rarest fish can be located in the most unusual fishing spots. For example, stonefish, valued at 300 gold pieces, are located in the desert. The most valuable fish, the lava eel, is located deep beneath the surface of the mines on the 100th floor. It's valued between 700 and 1050 gold pieces, depending on the quality of the catch, but it is rated as extremely difficult to catch, so be ready for a fight! It's important to remember that fishing is a skill that can be leveled up. As a higher level fisherman, you will have more control over your rod, making it more difficult for a fish to break off of your line. Therefore, it's best to pursue these more difficult fish when you've progressed as a fisherman.

Once you've got the hang of the pole, you can add fishing pots to your daily routine. These can be set like traps and left anywhere there's water. Pots placed in the ocean have a lower chance of success, but they'll yield higher priced fish like lobsters and crabs. Pots placed in fresh water have a better chance of catching something, but it's likely to be cheaper crayfish, snails, or periwinkle.

When your fishing enterprise is booming and you're a certified angler, you might consider going after one of the five Legendary Fish. These creatures are outside of the scope of the fish typically contained within the game (think Loch Ness Monster), and are typically located in very specific places at very specific times. They range in value from 900 to 7500 gold pieces, so they're well worth the hunt!

Now that you have a few Stardew Valley fishing secrets in your pocket, it's time to get out on the water and cast your line!

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