What are the best free games on Steam?

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So as we know, Steam has a large variety of games, demos, software. And in all of that, there is an area where there are free games. People love downloading awesome free games on Steam. So this will be all about the top 4 free games on Steam that people can download and play.

We should start to look for the most popular game genres that people buy/download. Upon looking at the most popular game genres they are Action and Multiplayer. So we want to look at Free to Play games that are classed as Action and Multiplayer.

The number one Strategy/Multiplayer game is called Dota 2. It is similar to the hit free to play game League of Legends. The players pick out of a bunch of heroes and play with 4 fellow teammates forming a team of five and ply against another team of five on a certain map. Each hero has a different amount of attack damage and health. Some could be better with their usual attack or some could be better with their ability. When you play, you a certain amount of magical power per second so you can use a certain ability, each ability can cost more than the other. This game has very positive reviews from the Steam community, saying that it is very realistic against bots to that Dota is a game of different cultures of the world. This definitely would be one of the best Free to Play games to download on Steam.

In second place is the very popular Team Fortress 2. This game is a Action, Multiplayer, First Person Shooter game. There are various game modes to play, which most consist in a team going against another team. There is as well an option to look at hosted servers by people. The feedback on this game is overwhelmingly positive and is hugely recommend by the Steam community.

And in third place is a magnificent game by the name of Trove. Trove is an Open Word, Multiplayer game that consists in conquering dungeons, and exploring the infinite realms that you enter into. You can connect with people and explore, mine, craft and find various things. It all starts with you creating a character and levelling up in-game. And from there on, you kill monsters and bosses and earn various objects and weapons. The reviews on this game are positive and negative, mostly positive, but Trion Games will looking into the negatives and update the game to get all the bugs and glitches out so the users can have a wonderful experience.

And lastly in fourth place, comes the famous Action, Third payer shooter, Warframe. This is an online Co-Op game. It is set in a Sci-Fi world. The goal of the game is to level up your character and your gear, there are 4 different characters you can be and level up, each character having different abilities. You can complete missions with or without your friends. The reviews on this are very positive and easily one of the best Action, Third player Shooters out there.

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