What are the best RTS games for PC?

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There are multiple titles that qualify as the best RTS games for PC. Depending on the style of the player, you can go from classic base building RTS games such as Dawn of War and Command & Conquer to newer tactical titles such as Company of Heroes and Men of War. Strategy titles for the PC are a niche category with multiple timeframes going from ancient civilizations of Age of Empires to the far-flung future in Star Wars.

The best resource for determining which strategy titles are best are the multiple review sites found around the net. They provide you with reviews, previews, gameplay videos, and demos to test these titles to determine which would be most suitable. Typically a new comer to the genre of strategy games such stick to the tried and true base building classics such as Command and Conquer. Their lower learning curves typically allow new players to get a feel for the genre and develop their skills which later become incredibly more in titles where there is more micro-management of troops and less economic upkeep.

A good middle ground for strategy titles is Starcraft and its sequel, Starcraft II. It has a relatively small learning curve coupled with an incredibly deep sense of mastery required. Many people spend years exploring and play Starcraft in order to reach the upper echelons of competitive play. It often becomes a gateway game that leads into much more specfic titles such as the Men of War series which drops resource management for realism and tactical combat.

Typically most gamers agree that the best titles for RTS gameplay comes from companies such as 1C, The Creative Assembly, Ubisoft, Relic, and EA Games among others. All RTS games are typically the same in function and only deviate in two instances with the rest being niche occurrences. The player assumes a top-down perspective as a general would survey the battlefield and use resources to build a base and develop a army for destroying the enemy.

The other instance being that there is no base to build and the army is created via a in-game mechanic such as airdrops or coming off the side of the map. The result is usually the same, using their wits they pit units against their opponents in order to achieve victory using tactics, and other movements to ensure victory. Typically this can be very challenging as both sides attempt to reach the same end goal, victory. RTS games differ from city-management or construction simulations as they often involve military engagements and do not progress in turn-based increments.

The wide variety of games leads to a lot of confusion as they share similar attributes and mechanics such as click-drag operations found in desktops. The number of titles as leads to a lot of debate on what are the best titles for PC and only well-informed research can reveal which are the best for any one particular player. The best method like any other is take the leap and try them for yourself.

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