What is the proper strategy for playing a League of Legends support character?

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The League of Legends support champions are not the most glamorous in the world. You won't achieve high kill shots like AD and AP carry characters, charge out in the forefront like tank classes or make your way through the jungle like junglers. What support characters can do, however, is augment their entire team's abilities. The support classes heal mana and health, buff allies, debuff opponents and help carry champions quickly level.

The support champion takes both proactive and reactive measures over the course of the game. In the early game, the League of Legends support champion keeps the carry characters alive. The champion may also help kill the opposing team's creeps, although he must be careful not to last hit the creeps or else he is taking needed experience away from the carry champion.

Another early game duty that support champions often take is warding the map. Wards reveal areas of the map even if no one from your team is close to the area. The support champion uses wards to keep track of essential mob spawns, limits jungle ganking and keeps track of the opposing team's hidden characters. Since support characters do not need a gold boost early on for equipment as much as other characters, they have the extra money for wards. The easiest method for keeping the map well warded is by purchasing wards every time the support champion recalls back to the base.

Midway through the game, at approximately level seven to twelve, the support champion spends most of his time helping his carry push the lane. He uses his support spells to keep the carry alive and buffed while using his debuffs and other spells to keep the enemies pushed back to their turret. The support champion may be able to push his lane and take out the turret at this point. He must be careful not to overextend his lane or he may open himself and his carry up to an attack from the brush on the lane. Playing carefully is especially important in the middle lane, as many ganking avenues exist in this location.

The late game support champion strategy is all about team fights. The support champion runs from lane to lane with most or all of his team to engage the enemy. The support keeps his teammates alive and his enemies suppressed through the support spells. Do not worry about stealing kill shots from other members of the team, as it is more important to kill the opposing team and push them back to their base. The support champion still focuses on keeping the carry champion alive, as the carry does the most damage out of all champion types.

The support champion in League of Legends has a play style that might not appeal to all players, but this champion type is always welcomed on a team. The champion characters have many different utility spells that require flexibility and foresight. This play style requires the champion to remain ever diligent and aware of his team mate's health, mana and positions.

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